Titomirov Vodka on Breaking Into the Superyacht Market

By Paul Joseph

According to the visionaries behind Titomirov Vodka, their product is ideal for enjoying on a yacht thanks in no small part to its unique restorative properties.

Ahead of the Superyachts.com Top 100 event in London, we sat down with the company’s CEO and founder Alex Titomirov, along with Titomirov President Simon Piggott, to hear more about their efforts to ensure theirs is the vodka of choice among yacht owners and charterers the world over.

“Basically we were clearly present with the launch that was made in August,” Mr Piggott told us.

“We started distributing to the yachting industry from September. With our event at the yacht show in Monaco there was an initial awareness within the yachting community and we have a lot of channels of distribution through yacht brokers, through people we know.

“I was in the industry for a long time about 20 years ago and so I’ve been using all those contacts to filter through to that sector, specifically because they do drink very premium vodkas due to the nature of the people who either charter or who own the yachts.”

You can watch the full video interview with Alex Titomirov and Simon Piggott above this article.

By Paul Joseph