U-Boat Worx – The Leading Personal Submersible

By B. Roberts

For any superyacht owner or charter guest with a sense of exploration, the U-Boat Worx submarine is the ideal superyacht toy; offering unspoilt views of the deep from a leading state-of-the-art sub.

Based in Holland, the U-Boat Worx team have developed and perfected the ultimate personal submarine over several years; showcasing their new lines and taking interested clients on mini trips to the ocean floor at the 2010 Monaco and Fort Lauderdale Boat Shows.

U-Boat Worx improved its earlier design to increase the dive range of the new C-Explorer 2 to 1,000m. This model is one of the most advanced personal submarines in the world, next only to the U-Boat C-Quester, featuring an increased dive depth and seating for up to 6 passengers on the voyage into the blue abyss.

Made from high quality materials, the U-Boat submarine range is fully approved by Germanischer Lloyd and is considered the height of safety. Bert Houtman, founder of U-Boat Worx said, “Our Company has demonstrated that we are able to deliver certified subs at a more reasonable price than anyone else in the market, even when applying the latest technologies such as lithium-ion batteries. With the C-Explorers we are now looking into capitalizing on this concept by expanding our product line to be capable of diving to greater depths and also cater to a wider, more diverse group of end users.”

To own one of these show stopping pieces of machinery, an owner would have to part with €280,000 for a one person model which ranges up to €840,000 for a five person submersible.

The U-Boat Worx Submarine range is the perfect addition to any superyacht, offering a new dimension of discovery to the relaxation and entertainment of the luxury yacht experience.

By B. Roberts