Uber Copter Concept Trialled in New York

By Paul Joseph

Just over a week ago we reported on ScUber, a new Uber service for the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and now the peer-to-peer taxi company have unveiled another eye-catching offering.

In the iconic environs of New York City, the company recently trialled an exclusive helicopter designed for time-poor daily commuters.

The Uber Copter is an ultra-luxurious mode of transport that allows you to forego the standard two-hour commute to JFK Airport, and replace it with an eight-minute ride offering you unparalleled views of the city beneath.

The helicopter lands at the nearest helipad, after which a car service drops you to your desired terminal. The entire journey is included in the pricing, which comes in at an affordable $225.

Only diamond and platinum members of Uber’s reward system will be able to use this service, which is set to roll out early next month.

“Our plan is to eventually roll out Uber Copter to more Uber customers and to other cities, but we want to do it right,” says Eric Allison of Uber Elevate.

“The main goal of this initial venture is to understand the operations behind aerial vehicles.”

Recently Uber introduced scUber, a submarine service that takes riders to a select group of Great Barrier Reef locations in Australia in a bid to support its protection and conservation.

By Paul Joseph