Ultra-Futuristic Pod Offers a New Way of Cruising

By Paul Joseph

Italian company Jet Capsule have designed an ultra-futuristic pod-shaped watercraft that resembles something from the future and offers an innovative way of cruising the seas.

Called Royal Version 001, the compact pod is 8 metres long and 3.6 metres wide and is able to seat eight to twelve passengers plus a captain.

The vessel is fully covered and features photochromic windows that change their transparency in response to light intensity. The boat is fully customisable and clients can also order an armoured version complete with a rooftop bunker and bulletproof glass.

Inside, the cabin features nine “springy” seats, a bathroom, and a dinette corner/bar in the back. To make the cabin comfortable during hot summer days, the boat comes installed with an air conditioning system.

Coupled with a latest high-tech Hamilton jet drive, the watercraft can reach speeds of up to 62 knots.

Jet Capsule co-founder and designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini said the inspiration for the design of the boat came from spaceships.

“It’s such a compact yet luxurious yacht — small enough to minimize high maintenance costs but large enough to carry a group of friends, who can sleep aboard in comfort,” Mr Lazzarini said.

“It’s an incredibly luxurious vessel, far more so than any other boat of a similar size.”

The Royal Version 001 is priced at $250,000.

By Paul Joseph