Ulysse Nardin Pay Tribute To Female Clientele With Jade

By Ben Roberts

Ulysse Nardin launches its first in-house designed and produced self-winding caliber for women’s watches, paying tribute to the female clientele who appreciate its quest for innovation.

Chai Schnyder, Chairwoman of Ulysse Nardin, requested such a movement from her late husband Rolf Schnyder (then President and CEO of Ulysse Nardin) 11 years ago. Today, it is finally ready. For her, it is a very emotional link and significant milestone, marking the legacies of the Schnyder family in Ulysse Nardin.

With Caliber UN-310, there is a pusher at the four o’clock position on the watch case which is designed to change the function of the crown. Each manipulation is then simply made by turning the crown forwards or backwards without any need to pull it out.

The top model of this series will feature four exquisite green jade horns that flank the bezel —a magnificent ring of emeralds and diamonds in the subtly and supremely elegant snow setting. A mother-of-pearl dial, also adorned with diamonds, further enhances the exquisite style of the timepiece.

By Ben Roberts