Uncloset: The ‘On Demand’ Service for Luxury Handbags

By Paul Joseph

The exclusive world of haute couture has opened up to a new demographic of luxury connoisseurs with the launch of an online subscription service for high-end handbags.

Millions more consumers can now enjoy the delights of luxury bags thanks to Uncloset, an innovative service which allows subscribers to access bags on demand.

For a monthly subscription of £149, Uncloset enables users to gain access to handbags worth up to £4,000 from exclusive designers such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, previously only available in stores or on brand websites

Bags are delivered in lavish and secure packaging direct to the customer from Uncloset’s distribution centre, and the first bag arrives within 24 hours of signing up, which they can use and enjoy as their own, and simply swap for another as soon as they tire of it.

Ashley Flores, COO of Uncloset, said: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen the high growth of fast-fashion retailers and the corresponding sustainability issues that surround the industry.  

“As fashion gets faster, consumers struggle to keep up or turn to lower-priced but inferior quality models. Women don’t necessarily buy fashion because they lacked items in their closet, but because they felt the need for newer or better options.”

UK consumers spend almost £1.5bn a year on handbags, and more than half of UK women buy at least one new bag every year. A recent online poll found that given the choice between a new handbag, a new pair of shoes or a new item of jewellery, more than half would choose a handbag. 

By Paul Joseph