Underwater Hotel to be Built in Dubai

By Paul Joseph

An undersea hotel is set to be built in Dubai, after an agreement to develop it was unveiled this week.

Designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology, The Water Discus Hotel boasts a disc-like structure, with part of the building above water and the rest below the surface.

Its 21 rooms will be submerged up to ten metres below the surface, with giant windows offering views of the ocean. Additionally, an external ‘explorer’ robot will be controlled from the room to allow guests to interact with marine life.

According to Deep Ocean Technology, a restaurant, spa and reception area will be housed above the waterline, with guests descending below the surface in glass-walled tunnels to reach their rooms.

The hotel will also offer several aquatic-themed services for divers, including a training pool, a spa and water sports.

Deep Ocean Technology was founded in Gdynia, Poland in 2010.

By Paul Joseph