Union Jack Jukebox Marks Queen’s Jubilee

By Paul Joseph

A new limited edition juke box decorated in the colours and patterns of the Union Jack flag has been launched to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee.

Limited to just 99 pieces and weighing 139kg, the Juke Britannia jukebox boasts a union jack design extending across the entire cabinet including matching front door and knuckles.

Inside, the powerful 1015 jukebox offers an iPod dock, 80 CD changer, stereo amplifier and custom speakers as well as a dynamic sound-to-light feature that illuminates the jukebox in sync to the music.

The measurements of the Juke Britannia are as follows 155cm in height, 85cm in width and 70cm in depth. Each jukebox will have a plaque bearing its serial number, whilst the owners will receive a framed certificate.

Made by the Games Room Company, the Juke Britannia is priced at £6,500. 

By Paul Joseph