Universal Whisky Experience 2013 Coming to Las Vegas

By Paul Joseph

The third edition of the Universal Whisky Experience will take place in Las Vegas next month, bringing together the world’s leading whisky companies and most dedicated connoisseurs.

Guests will flock to Las Vegas’ Wynn Resort for the lavish two-day event, where they will have the opportunity to take part in master classes taught by the industry’s most respected names, as well as sample the rarest premium whiskies and mingle with fellow collectors and distillers.

For this year’s edition, organisers will also be offering unique excursions, such as flying over the Grand Canyon while sipping on a rare scotch, or playing a round of golf at a Masters course with a renowned whisky distiller.

Mahesh Patel, founder of the Universal Whiskey Experience, said: “Whiskey enthusiasts value rarity and exclusivity not only in their sips, but also in their experiences.

“In creating this year’s experience, we’ve curated the finest and rarest whiskies, complemented by truly spectacular excursions."

Other event highlights will include a gourmet welcome dinner from the Wynn’s executive Chef James Benson, the official U.S. launch of Johnnie Walker’s Diamond Jubilee, and premier tasting of a Karuizawa Single Malt Whisky from Japan.

Old and rare whisky has increasingly captured the interest of serious investors in recent years. In 2010 a bottle of 64-year-old Macallan in a Lalique decanter sold for £288,000 at a charity auction.

Whisky is considered highly collectible, due to many bottles coming from small families, or even being entirely unique. Unlike wine, it also tends to keep indefinitely.

The 2013 Universal Whiskey Experience will take place from March 1st – 2nd.

By Paul Joseph