Venom Design - Superyacht Toys with More Bite

By B. Roberts

Superyacht owners who prefer toys and tender with a more personal touch are now being offered 'creative solutions' to provide a customised look and state of the art appliances, giving the luxury yachting experience a whole new edge.

Venom Design offer to take the design challenge to improve and customise original vehicles such as jet skis, boats, helicopters or even planes for the like-minded and creative individual "Making the best better".

Specialties can include colour matched bodywork, rope rubbing strakes, chromo paintwork such as the ‘gold finish’ jet ski and custom upholstery such as ostrich, alligator, crocodile or carbon finished in styles from rolled or quilted chesterfield.

It is not, however, just the style of your beloved toys, tender and vehicles you can change but the technical appliances placed on board such as a Marine Stereo with iPod dock, SatNav, Saxim waterproof phone and underwater LED lights and depth sounder.

Venom Design is an organisation geared toward making the most of marine playtime, enhancing your toys and tender into maritime monsters.

By B. Roberts