Vertu and Ferrari Release New Smartphone

By Paul Joseph

Luxury smartphone makers Vertu and Italian sports car brand Ferrari have teamed up once again to design a new limited edition Android smartphone.

Building on a six-year relationship between the two brands, the new phone features a range of design hallmarks borrowed from Ferrari's F12berlinetta model

Amongst the nods to Ferrari design include the use of Alutex, a lightweight weave material found in the interior of Ferrari models.

Meanwhile the red elements on the phone were colour-matched to the same red hue of Ferrari leather interiors, and a black-and-red leather stripe found on the case of the smartphone is stitched in the same style of Ferrari GT models.

Furthermore, the camera housing on the outside of the handset resembles the rounded tail lights of the F12berlinetta, while Diamond Light Coating to protect the smartphone mimicks the same material Ferrari uses to safeguard its vehicle’s engines.

In addition to its design features, the smartphone also comes with a pre-installed Ferrari App, which allows enthusiasts of the brand access to the latest news gleaned directly from Ferrari's social media platforms and to read exclusive articles from Ferrari's official magazine.

Also included in the app is a F12berlinetta visualizer, enabling users to view the model in three colours, at any angle and zoom in for closer detail.

By Paul Joseph