Vhernier President Carlo Traglio on a Perfect Marriage of Luxury

By Paul Joseph

Italian jewellery house Vhernier has a worldwide reputation for its beautiful, expertly crafted trinkets.

Whether it’s bracelets, rings, earrings or brooches, the brand is widely recognised as experts in its field. We sat down with Carlo Traglio, President of Vhernier, at the recent Perini Navi Cup in Sardinia, where the jeweller was a key sponsor, to find out about his passion for sailing and why he chose to partner with an icon of Italian yacht building.

“This is the luxury world and yachts, as everybody knows, are a luxury tool, a luxury toy,” he said. “And of course, jewellery is a luxury area for women and usually yachts are for men, so to combine them goes well with men’s attraction for yachts.”

So where does Mr Traglio’s own interest in yachting come from? According to him, it is part of his very fabric.

“I grew up in a big sailing boat with my uncle,” he said. “A three mast schooner, a fantastic yacht, so it’s in my DNA and when I had the time and energy to buy a yacht I bought sailing yacht, so I’ve always been involved in yachts.

“I think it’s a great marriage [between Vhernier and Perini Navi] because they are two examples of excellence of Italian style of life. Perini is a fantastic yard, fantastic technical yachts, and absolute extraordinary design, the number one in the world and we think in contemporary jewellery we are number one also.”

You can watch the full video interview with Mr Traglio above this article.

By Paul Joseph