Victor Vows To Transform Private Jet Travel

By P. Joseph

A new private aviation company has pledged to radically alter the affordability and accessibility of private jet travel.

Launched by digital marketing entrepreneur Clive Jackson, Victor is billed as the world’s first quotation, comparison and transactional online platform for chartering aircraft or purchasing a seat on a private jet flight.

The company says that its service will help jet charterers avoid paying over the odds and make private travel achievable for individual seat buyers, opening the market to hundreds and thousands of new potential travellers.

Victor members can charter private jets by connecting directly with a wide selection of operators offering over 120 aircraft, and serving 940 airports in Europe, to get the best possible quote. Users can also view the precise aircraft they will fly on.

In addition, users can use the platform to sell their surplus seats to other Victor members, thus reducing the cost of their charter.

The website allows individual buyers to bid for seats and indicate preferred routes and dates to other members, enabling them to come together to initiate a new flight and share the costs.

Individual seats begin at less than £1,000 for some European routes.

By P. Joseph