Vita Jewellery: A Way of Life

By P. Joseph

Located in the heart of Manhattan, jewellery maker Vita pride themselves on their ability to create beautiful pieces that reflect the lifestyle of their clients.

Founded five years ago by Wayne Anderson, the brand’s design concept centres around the use of natural, semi-precious stones, carefully collected and hand picked from around the globe, to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery.

Mr Anderson, who worked his way into the jewellery trade via the unconventional route of media sales and a stint running a florist, works alongside co-designer Shauna Hull to create the pieces, which have become renowned for their precision detail and modern creativity.

The jewellery house updates its range each season, in order to keep up with changing fashion trends. The metals used in Vita’s gold-tone jewellery are a composition of sterling silver and a 22k gold electro plated finish.

As well as the label’s Manhattan store, Mr Anderson also makes personal visits to clients, where he is able to personally introduce people to his jewellery in the comfort of their own home. Last year Vita travelled over 75,000 air miles to and from home shows as well as appearing at their first international trade fair in Paris.

By P. Joseph