Vivian Xiaotian of Artron Discusses An Ambitious Arts Project

By Paul Joseph

The 2015 China Rendez-Vous adhered to this year’s theme of “Dream, Art, Life” by calling upon, China’s first online artworks forum, to create a stunning oceanic tribute through the medium of contemporary art.

We caught up with Vivian Xiaotian, Marketing Speciaist at Artron, during the show to learn more about the ambitious project.

“We are here to bring 60 artists to this exhibition and they are all from China and it’s all in the contemporary Chinese art field” she told us. “All the art pieces are related to the ocean and […] I think it’s a very interesting for people to come here to see some at pieces and thinking about the relationship between art environment of living conditions and their lifestyles.

“Actually we are talking about this for quite a while because the Rendez-Vous is next to the sea, because Sanya is a sea city. So we were thinking that it will be interesting to get some art pieces related to the ocean.

“I think a lot of people in China have become wealthier than before and they are pursuing a better lifestyle and a lot of artists can give decoration for their homes. So I think it’s a very good start for people to have a better understanding of what is contemporary Chinese art.

“A lot of people will come around – as you can see, we are crowded every day – and I think it’s a very good way for people to come inside and enjoy.”

You can watch the full video interview with Vivian Xiaotian above this article.

By Paul Joseph