Wash and Go Wild in Tropical Fantasy Shower

By P. Joseph

RMS Co., makers of hydrotherapy tubs and showers, have launched two unique entertainment systems ideal for yacht owners wanting to add a party flavour to their vessel.

The portable entertainment centre for wet rooms and outdoor use, which delivers a light and music show when operated, comes equipped with AM/FM radio, CD player, 2 speakers, CD changer and a wireless remote control.

Completely protected against shower spray or rain, the system could be used on a yacht for on-board entertainment, as well as providing a practical washing facility. The system is simple to install and transfer from one room to another, and can be hung on any vertical or non-vertical surface.

Meanwhile the RMS Tropical Fantasy shower comes equipped with integrated chromatherapy/light system, offering an impressive light display when activated.

Renowned for their innovative designs, RMS provide hydrotherapy equipment for spas, resorts, bath houses, saunas, steam rooms and banyas across the world.

By P. Joseph