Welcome to the Anvera 48 Carbon Fibre Yacht Tender

By Paul Joseph

Renowned Italian design agency Aldo Drudi has created what is being described in many quarters as the one of the smartest and most stylish yacht tenders ever.

Called the Anvera 48, the ultra-cool and modern vessel is the result of ten years' experience accrued in racing competitions and is billed as “lightweight, but also exceptionally resistant and safe”.

The craft uses very little wood, instead relying on materials like multiaxial carbon, very thick high-density PVC, and epoxy resin.

The brainchild behind the design, the eponymous Aldo Drudi, says that while the hull was crafted to be specifically hydrodynamic, the superstructure was given a more aerodynamic shape.

The yacht can reach a speed of 55 knots and can accommodate 12 people at a time. The design allows for protection from wind and sun in the centre, while the back deck is open to the elements.

Within the cabin is a rest area for anyone seeking a speedy escape from the sunshine on the deck, while even the bathroom is modern and luxurious.

Celebrated as one of the world’s greatest designers, Aldo Drudi is perhaps best known as the man who designs all of Formula One star Valentino Rossi's distinctive helmet designs. 

By Paul Joseph