Wilson Benesch Launch $184k Speaker System

By Paul Joseph

British high-end audio makers Wilson Benesch have launched their new flagship speakers as part of their hugely popular Geometry series of products.

Called ‘Eminence’, the speakers are the result of three decade’s worth of research and development, according to their makes, and are priced at an eye-popping $184,000.

The Eminence boasts a wide range of innovative features including Tactic 3.0 mid-range and bass driver, a Fibonacci Silk-Carbon Hybrid Tweeter with a new decoupled motor design, and a new A.C.T. 3ZERO Monocoque.

Fibonacci is the latest version of Wilson Benesch tweeter technology and is an evolution of the semi-sphere that the brand introduced in 2012. Its faceplate is made from a carbon fibre composite structure and, along with the motor, is decoupled from the rest of the tweeter chassis.

According to Wilson Benesch, this achieves a flat frequency response, wide dispersion and low distortion levels.

Wilson Benesch optimised the Fibonacci to work with the new 17cm Tactic 3.0 mid/bass drivers, which feature cones made of polypropylene for its stiffening and damping qualities. The midrange driver remains crossover-free, just like all the Wilson Benesch’s range-topping models.

Meanwhile the A.C.T. 3ZERO Monocoque enclosure is made from a new proprietary core material that increases the stiffness-to-damping ratio of the cabinet by 30% – it is the most advanced Wilson Benesch enclosure ever built.

Each loudspeaker weighs 145kg (320 lbs) and stands 199cms tall, by 28cms wide and 68cms deep.

Wilson Benesch was founded in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 1989.

By Paul Joseph