World’s most expensive bath – The Eighth Continent

By M. Tempest

‘The world’s most expensive bath’ has been created by US company ME! Bath®. The product, named the Eighth Continent, uses a collection of the purest waters and rarest ingredients from remote regions of the world. Prices for the Eighth Continent begin at US$50,000.

The Eighth Continent recipe is inspired by the Ancient Indian healing art of Ayurveda; Ancient Roman skin treatments and the Ancient Chinese gold massage technique.

Water sourced from polar glaciers and 3,000 feet below the Hawaiian Deep Sea is blended with Sidr honey – one of the finest and most expensive honeys in the world.

Further ingredients include Peruvian pink salt, and butter sourced from Borrneo, Amazon Rain Forest, India and Israel. A final touch of luxury is then added to these rare ingredients: 24-karat gold.

A large portion of the proceeds from each sale of The Eighth Continent is donated to a selected charity that helps to provide clean water to disadvantaged third world countries.

By M. Tempest