World's Most Expensive iPad: The gold-plated 'iPad Supreme Edition'

By B. Roberts

Stuart and Katherine Hughes have a unique way of turning world-popular gadgets into some of the most sought after accessories on the market. Now, Katherine Hughes has designed the world’s most expensive iPad, featuring a solid gold case and diamond encrusted logo.

The iPad is taking hold of the technology market with increasing popularity. Stuart and Katherine Hughes have now introduced the 64GB iPad Supreme Edition.

This new, exclusive piece of gadgetry features Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities alongside the excellent performance of Apple technology. It also holds the added bonus of solid gold casing,  encrusted with 25.5 carat diamonds.

The casing of the iPad is made from a single sheet of 22 carat gold whilst the apple logo, much like the Mac Book Air Supreme Ice from Stuart Hughes, features 53 individually set diamonds.

Only ten of these envious pieces of technology will be made, each weighing in at around 2.1kg and costing £129,995.

By B. Roberts