World’s Most Expensive Margarita Coming to London

By Paul Joseph

Everyone is used to paying a premium for an exotic cocktail, but an upscale Mexican restaurant in London is taking this to a whole new level by serving the world’s most expensive Margarita.

Priced at an eye-popping £50,000, the extravagant drink can be bought at Cantina Laredo in Covent Garden. But for that price you’ll get more than simply something to imbibe – you’ll also find a lavish 4.1-karat diamond nestled among the drink’s garnishing.

The sumptuous Margarita is comprised of two top shelf tequilas: the Jose Cuervo Platino and the 1800 Colección which retails for £2,000 ($2775) per bottle; and it swaps traditional limes for the juice of white pineapples and limequats (a lime kumquat hybrid).

The drink is finished with the caviar-like flesh of finger limes which are indigenous to Australia, and garnished with a pineapple flower and a diamond that you’ll certainly want to avoid swallowing.

Dean Ginsberg, of Cantina Laredo, said “A lot of thought has gone into the balance of flavours. And with the diamond, it would certainly be an interesting way to propose!”

As with many specialty items, you have to place your order for the drink well in advance and two security guards will be on hand to protect your precious.

By Paul Joseph