World’s Most Iconic Art Museums to Offer Virtual Viewings

By Paul Joseph

There seems no end to the creative thinking that brands, organisations and individuals have displayed since the start of the global Coronavirus pandemic – and that trend shows no sign of abating.

The latest to step up to the plate are some of the world’s most prestigious arts institutions, who have responded to the fact that the general public are currently not allowed in their premises by opening up their art to virtual viewings.

Thanks to Google's Arts & Culture online platform you can now view the best of art the world has to offer from the confines of your home.

For the project, Google have partnered with more than 500 global art museums and galleries to give the public access to some of the world’s most preeminent art collections through virtual tours.

The participating venues includes some of the biggest names in the arts world including the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles and MoMA.

Institutions in the northern Italy, one of the world’s worst hit regions, are also listed, including Milan’s historic Bibliotheca Ambrosiana, Sforzesco castle, and the Museo Del Novecento.

A full list of museums and galleries across the globe offering virtual tours can be accessed at

By Paul Joseph