World’s Oldest Bentley Showroom Reopens in London’s Mayfair

By Paul Joseph

Located in the prestigious London district of Mayfair, the world’s oldest Bentley showroom now has a brand new look thanks to a comprehensive revamp.

The refurbishment has enhanced the Jack Barclay Bentley’s reputation as a luxurious and modern space that blends historic tradition with the latest in contemporary design.

The space has undergone a dramatic overhaul that’s thought to have cost millions of pounds, drawing inspiration from contemporary luxury boutiques and ateliers without compromising the showroom’s historic features.

John Stone, Brand Director at Jack Barclay Bentley, said: “Jack Barclay Bentley is true British institution and a real icon for both Bentley and the UK as a whole.

“Customers come to Mayfair from around the world to savour the Jack Barclay Bentley experience, and thanks to this stunning refurbishment, we can ensure they continue to enjoy the best service available.

“We are very excited to open our doors once again and plan to use the space to the full by hosting some fantastic events throughout the year.”

New features include a stunning new central bar that’s been trimmed in luxurious Bentley leather. The bar forms a focal point on the ground floor while a new commissioning suite offers greater privacy.

Some original design features have been retained including the basement’s distinctive chequered floor, wood panelling and art-deco signage, all of which have been harmoniously woven into the new design.

By Paul Joseph