World’s Tallest Man-Made Waterfall Built in China

By Paul Joseph

The southern Chinese province of Guizhou has become home to the world’s largest man-made waterfall, built along the side of the Liebian International Building.

The 350ft waterfall flows from the side of the glass structure down to a public plaza in the city’s central business district,

The innovative, elegantly flowing water feature has been designed as a refreshing attraction in the heat of the summer as the water sprays into the surrounding area.

It employs four giant pumps to push recycled water from basement storage tanks to the top of the 396ft high building from where it cascades down the side.

Built by the Ludi Industry Group, the Liebian International Building is still under construction and once complete will house a shopping mall, offices and a luxury hotel.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the design, Ludi Industry Group director Cheng Xiaomao said: “Guiyang is a city of mountains, and with many trees, just like a forest. [Its creators] wanted to create a feeling of water and greenery, even when you are surrounded by skyscrapers.”

The waterfall is about 10ft longer than the previous record holder at the Solar City Tower in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

By Paul Joseph