Yacht and Jet Clients to Benefit from Joined-Up Thinking

By Paul Joseph

For many high net-worth individuals, the requirement for superyachts and private jets go hand in hand. But the problem up until now has been the lack of a coherent management structure that brings the two sectors together in a way that promotes convenience and efficiency.

Yacht management company Floating Life and private aviation operators Blu Jet Capital are seeking to change that by creating a new programme that makes both private jets and superyachts accessible to clients without them having to contact different companies.

The joint-venture has been set up to assist in the management, production, refitting, charter and brokerage of superyachts and business and private jets. The partnership will also provide clients with access to air and sea services under a unified management, including interior refits and modifications for both jets and superyachts.

Andrea Pezzini, CEO of Floating Life said, “We have always been a 'family office', offering exclusive and prestigious nautical services: each day our clients recognise this important aspect, emphatically describing our activity to their friends.

“In the last few years, thanks to our being a 'family office', we have received numerous requests to manage not only yachts, but real estate and private jets. Yacht&Jet Life was born with this purpose in mind – to consolidate our services as professionally as possible.”

Based in Vacallo, Switzerland, Floating Life was created through the collaboration of professionals with more than twenty years' experience in the maritime sector.

By Paul Joseph