Zapata Racing Creates Flying Hoverboard

By Paul Joseph

Zapata Racing, owned by French jet ski champion Franky Zapata, has followed up on their innovative Flyboard creation by designing a flying Hoverboard for adrenaline junkies.

The Hoverboard features a stream design that shoots water out of the back, propelling it forward and up with jets of water, allowing riders – who are mounted to the device by their feet – to reach impressive heights.

Capable of hitting 23 miles per hour while shooting you up to 16 feet above the water’s surface, the new product is expected to go down a hit with aquatic thrill seekers the world over.

Dare-devil riders can even perform tricks such as somersaults and spins while using the Hoverboard, though this should only be tried by those experienced at similar activities such as wakeboarding.

Indeed, according to its creators, riders will need at least an hour of training to get to grips with the controls and to ensure they are safe while using it.

The Hoverboard by Zapata Racing will hit the market later this summer, with pre-orders being taken for $5,850. Alternatively, owners of the original Flyboard can simply purchase a conversion kit for $2,675.

By Paul Joseph