Zero-G Aircraft To Offer Commercial Flights from 2013

By Paul Joseph

Europe’s “Zero-G” aircraft, which allows passengers to experience onboard weightlessness, is to begin making commercial flights for paying customers from March next year.

For the price of €5,980 euros ($7,770) a head, passengers get to spend a total of five minutes’ gravity-free in a large padded cabin. Experienced staff are on hand to assist and ensure the safety of all participants.

Until now the flights have been restricted to trainee space explorers and scientists, but now the Zero-G aircraft is to be made available to the public wishing to experience the unique sensation of being weight-free.

The zero-gravity of space is simulated by flying a series of parabolic flight maneuvers that counter the forces of gravity.

During the flight, which lasts two-and-a-half hours, the Airbus 300 flies in u-shaped parabolas, with passengers able to enjoy around 30 seconds of zero-gravity at the top of each loop.

The flights are run by France’s National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), which operates the specially-adapted plane with the firm Novespace.

According to CNES, three flights are scheduled for 2013, each of them carrying 40 adult passengers.

By Paul Joseph