Lithuania Luxury Yachting Guide

Known as the ‘Amber Land’, Lithuania is a jewel-like destination among the majestic Baltics. A verdant land of rolling hills, crystal-blue lakes, powdery beaches and sprawling forests, this is a country made for outdoor enthusiasts. Cosmopolitan pleasures abound in the vibrant cities, leading travellers to regard Lithuania as Europe's undiscovered gem.

Once a well-kept secret among its passionate devotees, Lithuania is now set to become the next hot destination for travellers seeking stunning landscapes and elegant indulgence without the mess of over-crowding. An eccentric patchwork of intense traditions and quirky modern adaptations, Lithuania is a country on the move. Destined not to remain Europe’s most beautiful secret for too much longer, discerning travellers will want to experience it fully before it tourism descends and devours its tranquil purity.

Local Life
As in the rest of the Baltic States, the people here are friendly, inviting and warm. Extraordinarily pretty, the landscape seems to have a calming effect on both locals and visitors alike, which is helped along by the generally high standard of living and the prompt, efficient service on offer throughout the entire region.

Though small, Vilnius packs a huge punch. The capital city of Lithuania is a vivid, spectacular destination that is sure to please with its luxurious amenities and charming inhabitants. Though the streets are cobbled, the city hums with a vital, youthful pulse due in part to that fact that nearly half of Vilnius’ population is under the age of 30.

The streets bustle with chic elite and are thick with romance, though this is not a town used as a backdrop for raucous stag nights or rambunctious behaviour in general. Elegant cafés and premier restaurants abound, as well as exclusive nightclubs fitted out with plush interiors to rival those of Paris and Copenhagen.

A city of deep traditions, Vilnius is home to two exquisite houses of worship, the Gate of Dawn Chapel and the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit: both are equally memorable, one for the customs of its pious parishioners, the other for its glorious rococo interior.

Curonian Spit
The stunning sights of Vilnius, and Lithuania in general, are some of Europe’s most beautiful. The shimmering Curonian Spit in the west is a thrilling landscape of sand dunes that is continually under threat from natural forces and is protected as a UNESCO World site. Human habitation on this slowly eroding peninsula dates back to the per-historic era and every effort has been made to stabilize and preserve its ancient beauty.

Hill of Crosses
Another spectacular site is the Hill of Crosses sitting just outside the village of Siauliai, and used as a national pilgrimage centre. Outfitted with crosses and statues hung with rosaries whose number is exponential, it is an area of total calm and whose air fills with a curious music as wind blows through the hanging beads and charms.

Lithuania Area Information

  • Lithuania Litas (LTL)
  • America/Guatemala(GMT-06:00) Central America-6



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