Long Island Luxury Yachting Guide

Situated at the southern end of the Bahamas, Long Island boasts dramatic cliffs that tower over its eastern shore and is a haven for fishers, divers and boaters

 Often referred to as the most scenic of the Bahamian islands, legend has it that it was described by Christopher Columbus in his ship's log in 1492 as "the most beautiful island in the world".

The Tropic of Cancer runs directly through the island, giving it two very different coastlines – the imposing cliffs and caves of the east coast that front the crashing Atlantic waves, and the more tranquil western shore that is home to soft pink- and white-sand beaches that slip into stunning turquoise waters.

A major Long Island attraction is Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world, attracts divers from around the globe, including the multiple world record-holding free diver William Trubridge who runs a diving school here. In addition to Dean’s Blue Hole, the island also boasts numerous shallow and deep dive sites.

Other notable places of interest include historic twin churches built in the 1800s, the spectacular wall of nearby Conception Island which has national park status, and Columbus Point, a towering memorial to Christopher Columbus perched high on a hill at the island’s northern most tip.

Long Island is also a place of serenity and is dotted with quaint, friendly villages and miles of uninterrupted beaches where visitors can seek solitude or enjoy privacy with friends and family.