Notes From The Editor Archive (443)

  • Week Commencing 11 April 2016

    The peer-to-peer economy has been rumbling on in recent years with everyone waiting to see how the traditional marketplace would respond to this sizable disruption. Now we have a better idea.

  • Week Commencing 4 April 2016

    This week we turn our attention to one of the highlights of Miami Beach’s bustling calendar, the 2016 Longines Global Champions Tour.

  • Week Commencing 28 March 2016

    The 2016 edition of the New York Auto Show is currently taking place in the Big Apple and the focus of this week’s newsletter is one of the standout launches of the prestigious event – the Audi R8...

  • Week Commencing 21 March 2016

    There have been some truly remarkable auction results for the sale of rare blue diamonds in recent years – and we are about to see another one.

  • Week Commencing 14 March 2016

    The classic car market retained its allure throughout the austerity years but as the global economy faces uncertainty again, if there was ever a risk of an impending dip, they were firmly dispelled in...

  • Week Commencing 7 March 2016

    This week our attention turns to the Geneva Motor Show, one of the standout events on the automobile calendar, as we profile some of the most eye-catching launches to take place at the event in...

  • Week Commencing 29 February 2016

    Since its foundation in 2011 as an off-shoot of Net-a-Porter, the digital menswear platform Mr Porter has become one of the most successful names in the online retail industry.

  • Week Commencing 22 February 2016

    With their scenic oceanfront settings, there are few better places for a celebration than a yacht club.

  • Week Commencing 15 February 2016

    With the BaselWorld watch fair just around the corner, the luxury industry is rapidly turning its eyes to the horological sector and the array of eye-catching timepieces set to be unleashed on the...

  • Week Commencing 8 February 2016

    Much like comparing the gadgets from old James Bond movies with their state-of-the-art modern variations, the evolution of high-end water toys has been fascinating to watch.

  • Week Commencing 1 February 2016

    Widely regarded as the spiritual successor to the famous E-Type, the Jaguar F-Type, which first launched in 2013, has rapidly become one of the most popular two-seat sports cars on the market.

  • Week Commencing 25 January 2016

    With new technologies making helicopters quieter, faster and with longer range than ever before, their growth in popularity is likely to spiral ever-increasingly upwards.

  • Week Commencing 18 January 2016

    The What Car? Car of the Year Awards are something of an industry landmark, heavily coveted by car brands across the world keen to add one of their gleaming prizes to the mantelpiece.

  • Week Commencing 11 January 2016

    There are not many better responses to the classic dinner party question “so what do you do?” than “I’m a private jet pilot”.

  • Week Commencing 4 January 2016

    We begin the year just as we finished the last – by reporting on some truly outstanding new launches in the world of luxury.

  • Week Commencing 21 December 2015

    The London property market has long since ceased to amaze with its unyielding price surges, but it is the very highest end of the sector that continues to surprise more than any other.

  • Week Commencing 14 December 2015

    The recent China Rendez-Vous yachting and lifestyle fair on the island of Hainan was an ideal opportunity to take stock of how the country’s luxury industry is evolving.

  • Week Commencing 7 December 2015

    Of all the shows we attend each year, the China Rendez-Vous is without fail the most arduous journey. But what the country lacks in geographical proximity to Europe, it is rapidly making up for in the...

  • Week Commencing 30 November 2015

    It is perhaps surprising that it has taken this long for a company to conjure a way for a superyacht to house a supercar – but that is the achievement of British sports car maker Briggs Automative.

  • Week Commencing 23 November 2015

    In these times of uncertainty, it is always reassuring to see a venue full to the brim with passionate purveyors of luxury.