Notes From The Editor

Latest Lifestyle News: A Race to the Top

There has always been a strong cross-over between Formula 1 technology and other modes of transport, but more often than not the influence has been a one-way street.

Now, however, we are seeing one of the most innovative examples of how race car tech can impact aviation. And this is all thanks to UK companies Williams Advanced Engineering and JPA Design, who have teamed up to create an incredible airplane seat concept built with the same materials used in Formula One racing cars.

Unveiled at last week’s Passenger Experience Conference in Hamburg, the design promises to create a more comfortable environment for air travellers as well as lower operating costs. You can read more about it in the lead story of today’s newsletter.

Elsewhere this week, we report on another partnership, this time between Aston Martin & RM Sotheby’s who have teamed up for the latest prestigious Monterey car sale, while we also feature an impressive culinary tribute to Faberge by the famous Ritz restaurant in London.

In other news, a collection of historic Bentleys continued the brand’s centenary celebrations at the 2019 Goodwood Members’ Meeting this weekend, Bang & Olufsen have unveiled a $20,000 TV that also transforms into a veritable sculpture, and the BMW i has confirmed its return as official partner for one of California’s most acclaimed music and arts festivals.

Finally for this week, Moet & Chandon have marked a very special 150th anniversary with a limited edition champagne bottle, and a stunning Damien Hirst 60-foot bronze statue has been unveiled in the heart of a Las Vegas resort hotel.

And that’s a wrap! Have a luxurious week, and you’ll be hearing from us again very shortly.