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Louis Vuitton Unveil Crystal-Clad Handbag

The Monogram Nova handbag (Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton)
The Monogram Nova handbag (Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

Eye-catching couture items are normally accompanied by equally astounding price tags – and the Monogram Nova handbag from Louis Vuitton is no different.

The dazzling accessory, part of Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 collection for Louis Vuitton, is covered in hand-applied black and white Swarovski crystals and features extra long gold tassels that wave below the knee as you walk.

Its price? A cool $35,000 dollars.

The main reason for the steep cost is in the sheer level of craftsmanship that went into producing the bag – each piece of crystal having been painstakingly applied by hand.

Its small, spherical shape also marks a transition away from large, bulky handbags, with the Monogram Nova fitting comfortably in the clutches of one hand.

The Monogram Nova will be available from stores in April.