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MYS 2018: Stockinger on Balancing Design with Functionality

MYS 2018: Stockinger on Balancing Design with Functionality

Stockinger have earned an unparalleled reputation in recent years for their ability to fuse beautiful design with pragmatic functionality.

Recently the German manufacturer’s hugely impressive portfolio has been augmented by several new safety products that are both easy to use and easy on the eye, some of which were on display at the recent Monaco Yacht Show.

During the show, we sat down with Matthias Fitzthum, CEO of Stockinger, to hear more about these new products, as well as how the company are progressing in general.

“Our main product is safes,” he began by telling us. “We try to build the finest luxury safes in the world, fulfilling any vision of our clients, whether they are interior designers, architects, families, etc. We’re producing safes in any size and in any required form, colour, materials, and we really try to fulfil any vision.”

He then elaborated on a recent area of focus for Stockinger, based on the growing demands of clients for a certain type of product.

“We are running more and more projects for safe rooms,” he said. “So last year they were called the man caves, but we know them as safe rooms and we’re receiving more and more enquiries from over the world for them.

“We’re integrating the clients’ interests into the safe rooms, so whatever they’re collecting, whether it’s art or weapons or cars, we’re displaying their main interests within these rooms and we’re more and more consultants for security for your collectibles on the one hand and for your family on the other.”

So how do Stockinger manage to balance so effectively the need for adhering to the brand’s design values with the demand for products that work perfectly?

“That’s sometimes quite tricky," he said, "because some requirements are rally outstanding, so our main target is to create security but at the same time we want to crate luxury and lifestyle products."

He then turned his attention to one of Stockinger’s most recent security products, which is called the Ming.

“We got many enquiries saying, ‘can we do a safe, can we do it in rose gold?’”, he said “And now we’ve built for the Monaco Yacht Show the first one in rose gold, especially for ladies, and on the other hand we’re produced Ming.

“Ming is a fully customisable security item. It was developed as a steward call system so you can communicate wirelessly with you captain, crew or personal security. You just press the button and there’s a pre-set alert chain and your captain or whoever is arriving. And it’s an intelligent system so wherever the client is taking his Ming on the yacht or property, the Ming knows exactly where you are.”