Notes From The Editor

Week Commencing 21 October 2013

This year is a special time to visit The Bahamas, as the country marks its 40th anniversary of independence. When spent 8 days there in July, the celebrations were in full swing, with the famous Junkanoo carnivals and an array of official engagements being held across the islands.

During our stay, we spent time with a number of individuals who have played a key role in the evolution of the country into an international destination. One of whom is the presiding Minister of Tourism, Obie Wilchcombe, who provided us with a hugely insightful and entertaining insight into the efforts the country is making to further promote itself as a place to visit and live. You can watch our exclusive interview with the Minister in today’s newsletter.

It is not the only Bahamas-themed story this week. We also bring you interviews with one of the country’s most renowned real estate experts as well as a representative from Solomon’s Mines, The Bahamas’ oldest retailer, whilst there’s also a video of a luxurious Bahamas property that may be of particular interest to yacht owners, thanks to its deep-water docking facilities.

Elsewhere this week, we bring you a review of the 2013 edition of Freize London, the prestigious arts fair that came to a close yesterday, and a feature on a stunning new watch creation by Swiss brand Ulysse Nardin.

There’s also new launches from Italian luxury brand Brioni and German luxury car makers Porsche, who are set to open two new ‘Experience Centres’ in America.

Enjoy our newsletter and have a great week.