Notes From The Editor

Week Commencing 23 June 2014

It has been fascinating watching the private aviation industry evolve in recent years. For so long the preserve of only the most ultra-decadent of jet-setters, it is now considered an essential part of life for tens of thousands of high-end business and recreation travellers across the world.

In today’s newsletter we turn the spotlight on one of the most innovative private jet companies to have emerged in recent years. Jet Partner bill themselves as “empty leg specialists” and claim their service offers significant cost-saving benefits. We interview one of the men behind Jet Partner to find out more.

Elsewhere this week, there’s reports on a stunning new timepiece by Breitling, the impending launch of Bentley’s latest car, and a new creation by Zapata Racing that will thrill aquatic adrenaline junkies everywhere.

There’s also news from a Bonhams auction which saw the sale of two timepieces crate new world records, the offer of an incredible curated tour of the world’s most iconic landmarks, and another launch from the watch world, this time from Swiss company Ulysse Nardin.

If that’s not enough, there’s a feature on a beautiful new jewellery collection from world-renowned jewellers Faberge.

Enjoy our newsletter and have a great week.