Notes From The Editor

Week Commencing 24 November 2014

The evolution of the private jet industry over the past 30 years has been fascinating to observe. Once considered an extravagant indulgence, today it is regarded as an essential tool for successful business folk the world over.

One company at the vanguard of private aviation has been NetJets. Owned by billionaire Warren Buffet – a former customer who liked the company so much he bought it – the Ohio-based operator has gained a reputation for creating new and innovative ways to help clients to save money.

NetJets latest cost-saving venture – the Aircraft Transition Programme - is our focus today. We travelled to the company’s London offices to find out more and you can read the full interview with Marine Eugene, Executive Director of NetJets Europe, in today’s newsletter.

Elsewhere this week, there’s exciting watch news from Patek Philippe who were once again at the centre of a remarkable auction sale recently when a 1930s pocket watch sold for a stunning £21.3 million.

There’s also reports on one of Europe’s most lavish design companies who have just opened a new headquarters in the heart of Monaco, an exclusive interview with the visionaries behind the entirely refurbished Faro Blanco Yacht Club & Resort in Florida, and a preview of the London Classic Car Show which is set for its inaugural outing in January.

Finally, there’s news from French wine makers Château d'Esclans who have been named the 2014 European Winery of the Year, Bugatti’s opening of their first ever lifestyle store in London, and the latest luxury vodka brand to hit the United Kingdom.

Enjoy our newsletter and have a great week.