Madagascar Luxury Yachting Guide

Conjuring up visions of vibrant jungle, exotic wildlife and glorious miles of endless beach, the legend of Madagascar is well deserved. An African isle in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is encircled by tiny virgin islands rich in hearty hospitality that spread the beauty and majesty of this sun-blessed country far beyond its turquoise waters.

Located 400 kilometres off Africa’s east coast, Madagascar is a land where diversity is key. A nature-lover’s paradise, it is home to an exciting array of exotic jungle wildlife, rich and rare flora and over 250 bird species. Blessed with a sense of exciting exploration, hiking the island’s brilliant interior or sailing a lonely route along the coast brings with it a sensation of unmatched discovery that makes it almost impossible not to fall under Madagascar’s spell.

Nosy Be
Madagascar’s pull as an unforgettable yachting destination however lies not just in the mainland but in the enchanting array of archipelagos that lie off its sparkling coastline. Off the north-west coast is the biggest and brightest of the Malagasy islands in Nosy Be. This alluring island is home to arguably the most beautiful beaches in Madagascar, whose soft sands are shaded by the palms of towering coconut trees.

The deep creeks of the island are perfect for scuba diving, while the rich forest shelters chameleons and lemurs beneath its dense canopy. Famous for its fragrances, Nosy Be is swathed in crops of ilang-ilang, coffee, pepper and sugar cane that leaves the air hanging thick with scintillating scents.

Other Islands
Not far from Nosy Be are the quiet archipelagos of Mitsios and Radames, whose deserted anchorages and secluded villages are perfect for yachting escapes. Surrounded by ideal diving spots simply brimming with unique underwater landscapes, tropical fish and inspiring marine life, these islands are truly remarkable. A short sail away is the turtle island of Nosy Iranja with its enviable beaches and the lemur-haven of Nosy Komba.

Like most African nations, Madagascar’s culture has a strong focus on cooking and cuisine, and invigorating cuisine at that. Reflecting the melting pot of Arabic, French, African, and Indian cultures that influence the island’s shores, the Malagasy people use local produce to create spicy, exotic and mouth-watering fare. Unique seafood dishes infused with local spices and unbeatably fresh citrus fruits, peaches, mangoes, pears, avocados, lychees, bananas, apricots and coconuts are not to be missed.

Madagascar Area Information

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