Mainland Luxury Yachting Guide

Ignored by the hordes that flock here year after year, mainland Greece is an overlooked treasure offering the same beautiful landscapes and luxurious amenities as its famous islands. Boasting gorgeous resorts, pearly beaches and cosmopolitan cities as well as numerous opportunities for premier shopping and cuisine, mainland Greece is a forgotten paradise.

Greece's mainland is a destination bursting with vitality, adventure and stunning natural beauty that has been almost completely forgotten by the rest of the world. Travellers that come here will experience the thrill of what Greece once was before mass tourism took over.

Mainland Greece can be split up into many different areas but the Peloponessos is the jewel of the region. With a multitude of dazzling beaches set against the impossibly crystalline sea and a majestic mountain range as an imposing backdrop, the cities and villages of the Peloponessos are blessed with the best of everything.

When speaking of mainland Greece, the first, and most famous, topic must be Athens. The oldest European city, this bustling metropolis is currently undergoing a radical urban renewal and is rife with excitement and adventure. From the luminous majesty of the Parthenon resting high above the city on the exalted Acropolis, to the vibrant, thriving nightlife that pulses to live in the small hours of the morning, Athens is a town of cosmopolitan aesthetics and ancient roots.

Thessaloniki is a sprawling Grecian hotspot, famous for its healing waters, glittering beaches and incredible nightlife. As sophisticated as Athens and, some say, culturally superior, Thessaloniki bustles with incredibly chic locals, exceptional nightclubs and restaurants and ouzeries touted as the best in Greece.

Travellers seeking an elegant resort town offering premier luxury amenities in the past would have gone to the opulent port town of Monemvasia. Of late it has become heavily oppressed by tourism and has been downshifted into a picturesque haven for souvenir shops. The pretty port of Nafplio is the perfect replacement with its cosmopolitan sensibilities and lovely, faded building façades. The main square in the early evening draws out the entire town for an impromptu stroll and a chat, and is a wonderful feeling of traditional Greek customs.

The ruins of Olympia are a place of ancient grandeur and are completely hidden to travellers until they stumble through the gates. Though it lies in ruins, the massive columns of the Temple of Zeus show how imposing the structure once was, and inspiring and beautiful sight. The fragrant site of Epidaurus is a must-see as well: the giant theatre, discovered and excavated a century ago, is surrounded by perfumed groves and is lit in the summer for classical performances.



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