Cape Eleuthera Resort & Yacht Club

Cape Eleuthera Resort & Yacht Club Local Area - Eleuthera

Cape Eleuthera Resort & Yacht Club

Longitude: 076° 21′ 10″ W

Latitude: 024° 50′ 25″ N

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A Luxury Yachting Guide

Balmy breezes and lush landscapes enrobe the tranquil, turquoise waters of these 700 magnificent islands   view

Fishing, diving, kayaking and snorkeling are among the many adventures available within easy reach of Cape Eleuthera. Guests set off by boat or kayak to explore the Schooner Cays – comprising four small islands that appear to be floating in the sky.

Divers can discover several dive sites among miles of underwater walls, caves and caverns in the resort's neighboring cays, as well as abundant sea life and enchanting shipwrecks.

While on land, guests can enjoy the freedom to explore the many trails and hidden coves of Cape Eleuthera by golf cart, bicycle or on foot, soaking in the warm Bahamian sun on the sands of Sunset or Sunrise Beach and jumping off of High Rock cliff into the warm waters of south Eleuthera. Hiking trails, fitness trails and water sport rentals are all available as well.