Chub Cay Marina

Chub Cay Marina Local Area - Berry Islands

Chub Cay Marina

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Balmy breezes and lush landscapes enrobe the tranquil, turquoise waters of these 700 magnificent islands   view

Chub Cay Marina is located on the Berry Islands, a collection of islands and cays which were settled in 1836 by Governor Colebrook and a number of freed slaves.  The largest island is Great Harbour Cay, stretching over 8 miles and hosts the largest port of the Berries.  

Although the islands are still largely underdeveloped and most are uninhabited due to the difficulty to reaching each island, during the summer months Berry Islands become a hub for international big game fishers looking for tuna, grouper, wahoo and many more.  

As well as hosting annual fishing tournaments, the islands are also popular for their snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing.  Chub Cay is most popular with the fishers as a huge number of bill fish are prevalent in the warm Caribbean waters, and as such the marina is a popular destination to take advantage of the rich fishing grounds.