Coal Harbour Marina

Coal Harbour Marina - Vancouver

Coal Harbour Marina

Longitude: 123° 7.6' W

Latitude: 49° 17.5' N

Pacific Northwest Pacific Northwest

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Ruggedly raw coastlines give way to stunning cities and scenic wilderness in this dramatic region.   view

A premier marina offering superior services to local and internationally travelling vessels, Coal Harbour Marina has approximately 240 berths for yachts up to 100m in length.

Located in the heart of Vancouver with easy access to the local shops, restaurants and entertainment, Coal Harbour Marina offers stern-to alongside berths for yachts up to 100m in length on a guest and annual moorage basis. The marina has high quality facilities and services available to incoming vessels, including security and electronic security gates, chandlery, arrival and departure assistance as well as household recycling.

Just a short driving distance away from the harbour lies a number of alpine activities, from nature walking, mountain biking, climbing and skiing, making Coal Harbour Marina a perfectly situated port to make the most of the land and sea.  For those looking to travel further afield, Coal Harbour Marina is well situated on the coast for visitors looking to explore the inland Vancouver countryside and the numerous National Parks, or as a rest point between a West coast journey between Alaska to the North and California to the South.