Coal Harbour Marina

Coal Harbour Marina Local Area - Vancouver

Coal Harbour Marina

Longitude: 123° 7.6' W

Latitude: 49° 17.5' N

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Coal Harbour Marina is located in Vancouver, a maritime city and home to the 2012 Winter Olympics.  Archaeological finds indicate that the area has been inhabited from as far back at 8,000BC, although the first European settlements did not appear here until the late 1700s.  Along with many Western coastal cities, Vancouver was subjected to the Gold Rush in the 1800s, vastly increasing its population and making it an economical hub of the West.

Today the city has a number of museums including the Vancouver Art Gallery in the neoclassical 1906 courthouse, the Vancouver Maritime Museum and the H. R. MacMillan Space Centre.  Notable buildings include the Gothic Christ Church Cathedral, the Moshe Safdie-designed Library Square which is similar to the Rome Colosseum, and the Art Deco Marine Building which is known for its elaborately designed doors and elevators.

Vancouver is also a popular entertainment hub, with several music venues for orchestra, pop, punk rock and classical performers including Sarah McLachlan, Michael Bublé, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and alternative rock bands.

Famous people to have lived here include the singers Michael Bublé and Bryan Adams, the actors Hayden Christensen and Michael J. Fox and the inventor Charlie Richmond of Richmond Sound Design.