Flamingo Hills Resort & Marina

Flamingo Hills Resort & Marina Local Area - Cat Island

Flamingo Hills Resort & Marina

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Untainted and unspoiled, there is much to be discovered on Cat Island. Named after the infamous pirate, Arthur Catt, the island runs deep with history and culture. Its 121 square miles of natural landscape offer every traveler a true Bahamian experience. You’ll find the plot of land where Sir Sidney Poitier’s boyhood home once stood. You canalso discover the birthplace of The Bahamas’ indigenous rake and scrape music, along with numerous myths and folklore that still hold a place in Bahamian culture today.

Flamingo Hills’ best feature is Cat Island itself, a mystical island with miles of beaches to explore and towns full of friendly Cat Islanders. Local restaurants dot the main road along with various local artisans selling their crafts making every day an adventure. Boutique Hotels here and there also give options as to where you visit on your days exploring Cat Island.

From historic ruins to the highest point in the Bahamas, to year round fishing opportunities, in shore, off shore and in the flats, Cat Island has it all.