Le Vieux Port de Marseille

Le Vieux Port de Marseille - Marseille

Le Vieux Port de Marseille

Longitude: 05° 21.25' E

Latitude: 43° 17.75' N

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A lavish sanctuary of Jazz Age glamour with dazzling coastlines, bucolic countryside and cobalt sea.   view

The marina is currently undergoing a semi-pedestrianization which aims to reduce traffic and make the area more attractive. Completion of the regeneration project is due in 2013, when the marina will welcome yachts to the 'new' Old Port.

Located in the heart of Marseille, the Vieux Port de Marseille is the oldest and biggest in the city, with over 3000 berths and a maximum yacht length of 100m.

The Old Port of Marseille has been in use since the settlement of the Greeks in 600BC, who used the port for trading.  The port remained the hub for maritime activity in Marseille until the 19th century, when the Old Port was almost completely obliterated in the Second World War.  

In 1948 the marina was rebuilt as part of the regeneration plan for the Old Quarter headed by Fernand Pouillon.  Pouillon was a well known architect responsible for the reconstruction of many buildings after the war, including in Paris, Algeria and Iran.

Today, Vieux Port de Marseille is within walking distance to a myriad of shops, restaurants and bars as well as local attractions, monuments and pedestrian streets.  The marina is very popular during the summer months so it is important to plan a trip here in advance.