Manoel Island Marina

Manoel Island Marina - Manoel Island

Manoel Island Marina

Longitude: 14° 30' 4" E

Latitude: 35° 54' 10" N

Malta Malta

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Discover a historic heart enveloped in eclectic culture and glorious weather in the Maltese Islands.   view

Positioned in the impressive Marsamxetto Harbour, Manoel Island Marina is Malta’s finest attraction for superyachts seeking all the vital facilities for a comfortable berth.

Manoel Island Marina has a rich surrounding Maltese culture, offering a number of historical buildings which have been renovated to fit in with the marina’s skyline.

Originally known as the Bishop’s Island, the island’s current name comes from Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, the Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta who oversaw the building of Fort Manoel in 1726. Visible on the approach to the marina, Fort Manoel was built to be an active Knights of Malta military base, later used by the British Royal Navy and was sometimes known as HMS Talbot or HMS Phoenicia. The Fort is now populated by waterfowl and was the location for a scene in the American TV series Game of Thrones.

Manoel Island Marina is located in the naturally formed Marsamxetto Harbour, also known in ancient texts as Marsamuscetto. Welcoming more leisure visitors then the neighbouring Grand Harbour, it is the site of the Carolita Barge dive site just 15m below the surface.

Not only is Manoel Island Marina an important tourist attraction for the entire region, but offers guests and owners luxurious opportunities such as the Royal Malta Golf Club as well as a grandiose nightlife, expert chandleries and retail outlets – within a few minutes of one another.