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A seductive mix of sophisticated city centres and secluded havens of ivory sand, set in stunning cerulean seas   view

With a history spanning over 100,000 years, the Rock of Gibraltar is one of the longest inhabited places in the world, with evidence of Neanderthal settlements found up until their extinction around 24,000 years ago.

Recorded history on the Rock of Gibraltar began with the settlement of the Phoenicians around 950BC, after which the area went through a series of changing leaderships from the Romans, Visigothics, Moors and Castiles, the Kingdom of Spain, the Anglo-Dutch and finally becoming a key colony of the British Empire in the 1700s.

Now, Gibraltar has a diverse culture and cuisine influenced by its history. The region offers a variety of historical and modern tourist attractions for all visitors, including the Rock of Gibraltar itself, the Lime Kiln and the 100 Top Gun at the Napier Magdala Battery.

With over 300 days of sunshine, the four main beaches of Gibraltar are always popular. The Eastern Beach and Catalan Bay beaches are favoured by tourists, whilst Sandy Bay and Western Beach more popular with the locals.