Marina Cap Monastir

Marina Cap Monastir - Monastir

Marina Cap Monastir

Longitude: 10° 50' 5" E

Latitude: 35° 46' 11" N


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A port of entry into Tunisia, Marina Cap Monastir is found at the southern end of the Gulf of Hammamet and is a bustling hub of activity for tourists and residents alike.

Located to the north of Tunisia, Monastir was founded on the ancient Punic-Roman city of Ruspina, where the 46BC Battle of Ruspina took place against the forces of Julius Caeser.  Monastir, from the Greek for 'Hermit's Cell or monastery', has always been a traditional fishing port and is now a popular tourist destination.

Just down the coast from the Marina Cap Monastir there is a well-preserved Ribat which was featured in Monty Python's Life of Brian.  Built in 796AD, the Ribat was originally used as a post to scout out hostile ships approaching, as well as to provide shelter for Muslim scholars on pilgrimage seeking a place of rest and tranquility.  Over the centuries the building was extended and is now spread over 2200sq meters.

The Marina hosts yachts from around the world, where they have easy access to nearby shops, restaurants and local attractions.