Marina Cap Monastir

Marina Cap Monastir Local Area - Monastir

Marina Cap Monastir

Longitude: 10° 50' 5" E

Latitude: 35° 46' 11" N


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Tunisia has a rich and varied history with evidence of settlement from as far back as 5000BC.  The historical melting pot consisting of the native Berbers mixing with the Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Europeans has created a country with a diverse culture, languages and architecture.

Because of the international influences on the country and its central location along the coast, Tunisia has also contributed to and been a part of major civilizations around the Mediterranean.  Tunisia has also been the site of several major events, including Second Punic War with Hannibal, the Battle of Carthage and the Second World War.

Its history has given Tunisia a diverse range of architecture, ranging from the Medina of Tunis, a UNESCO heritage site, the Place de la Victoire and the mosques of Kairouan.

The local food has also been influenced by its history, with seafood and lamb flavoured with the Mediterranean 'sun cuisine' flavours of olive oil, spices and tomatoes.

The official languages of the region are French and Tunisian Arabic, which is derived from Arabic, French and Italian.