Marina d'Angra

Marina d'Angra - Azores

Marina d'Angra

Longitude: 27º 13' 00'' W

Latitude: 38º 39' 01'' N

Since the 15th Century Marina d’Angra has been a welcome harbour to cross-Atlantic sailors and adventurers. Today, the marina rests nestled in close to the city of Angra do Heroismo, the oldest city of the Azores and the historical capital of the archipelago, which since 1983 has been a UNESCO World Heritage site on account of its architecture. Steeped in maritime and Portuguese history it offers an abundance of cultural attractions in a beautifully fertile and lush island setting.

There is a beautiful sandy beach next to the marina and one can also explore the unique sub-aquatic archeological parks of the city just off the port. The diving is world class and full of historical artifacts where one can find a cemetery of anchors and the wreckage of Lidador, a 19th century Portuguese ship. Marina d’Angra also holds the European Blue Flag for the highest environmental standards since 2006.