Marina Davila Sport

Marina Davila Sport Local Area - Vigo

Marina Davila Sport

Longitude: 8° 44' 32" W

Latitude: 42° 13' 58" N

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A seductive mix of sophisticated city centres and secluded havens of ivory sand, set in stunning cerulean seas   view

Marina Davila Sport is located in the Port of Vigo, the largest fishing Port in Europe, in Spain’s northwest Galicia region.

The city has a number of attractions, including several historical and archaeological sites of interest, such as Pazo de Castrelos, a Municipal Museum featuring archeology and painting collections, housed in a building dating back to the 17th century.

The Colegiata de Santa Maria is located below the gardens of the Alcazaba and is considered the finest church in Antequera, dating from the early 16th Century and boasting a beautiful Renaissance facade. There is also a stunning 127m long beach referred to as the Beach of A Punta Timoeiro, located at Parish of Teis.